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3.5oz Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoop

3.5oz Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoop

Part Number:91205-574252 Price: $5.12
  • Great For Candy & More
  • Durable & Attractive
  • Increases Appeal
These 3.5 Ounce Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoops are great for dispensing candy or other small food items. In any business that requires access to bulk food items, you are going to need a way for customers to purchase exactly what they want. A scoop is the best way to retrieve candy, nuts, grains, and toppings for frozen yogurt while maintaining freshness of your inventory. Aluminum scoops are durable and attractive to blend with your decor and last a very long time. Increase the appeal of your candy display today with these stylish scoops.

This glass penny candy jar is just one of the many containers that this scoop is a perfect accessory for. Set up your shop with care and present it in a way that invites customers in. Flat bottom scoops not only lift out and gather up every ounce of goodies that your patrons desire. Order your candy accessory today.

  • 3.5 oz. Capacity
  • 8.3" Flat Bottom
  • Aluminum Scoop

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