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32 oz Clear Scoop

Part Number:91205-007-2884 Price: $16.39
Retail Price:$20.22
For Large Quantities - Please Call 1-866-242-7585
This 32 Ounce Clear Scoop is the granddaddy of big scoops. When we say big, we mean a very, very large scoop. Perfect size for ice making machines and large bulk foods such as grains, dry beans, oats and so much more. 32 ounce scoop is equivalent to four cups or two pounds of materials. Our clear scoop is dishwasher safe and the smooth surfaces allow for easier cleaning. The clear polycarbonate materials used to construct this serving utensil is break resistant and complies with food grade laws making this scoop safe to use in your edibles. Don't delay, go ahead and purchase your clear 32oz scoop today. If this is not the size you are looking for, come and check out our other options at All Candy Containers by simply clicking here.

  • 1 Count Scoop
  • Made Of Durable Clear Polycarbonate
  • Clear In Color
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Smooth Surfaces For Easy Cleaning
  • Ideal For Ice Makers or Large Quantities
  • USDA Meat & Poultry Equip Group Listed
  • Assists In Complying With HACCP Guidelines
  • Multi-Purpose Scoops Designed For Better Weight Distribution & Improved Handling
  • 32 Oz. Scoop Capacity Equals To About Four Cups

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