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3 in. Acrylic Cup Display - 10ct

Part Number:91107-224053 Price: $74.20
Are you searching for the ideal vessel to advertise products easily? Our 3 inch Acrylic Cup Display is just what you need to show off your products with style and finesse. Your customers are sure to take a look at your display cup filled with all your merchandise. Fill up our clear display containers with a wide variety of products such as old-fashioned rock candy sticks, delicious lollipops, pens, eye lash wear, colorful lipsticks and so much more. This is also a sure-fire way to create an impulse display, all you need to do is fill up with some of your most popular items and place near the cash register and you are good to go. Use them on countertops, shelves, or on an existing slatwall / pegboard exhibit. Get your see-through, clear acrylic containers today and start making money tomorrow. These acrylic cups are simple to purchase, just add to your online shopping basket now at All Candy Containers.

  • 10 Count Cup Display
  • Overall Dimensions: 3" H x 3" D
  • Inside Diameter: 2.75"
  • Clear Acrylic Material
  • Includes One Plastic Hook Attached For Easy Mounting
  • Useful As Cosmetic Display Cups 
  • Great On Counter Tops or Shelving 
  • Amazing Pegboard Accessory
  • Great For Smaller Merchandise
  • Creative Impulse Sales Displays
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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