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3 Tier Stackable Bins - No Scoop Holder

Part Number:92607-1012141 Price: $376.20
2 - 9
Are you searching for the perfect display for your bulk candies or designing a candy buffet for your next event? Look no further, our 3 Tier Stackable Bins are wonderful for conserving shelf space and ideal for what you desire when it comes to display bins. With these stacking bins, you can display three different products in one sitting. Using normally unused vertical space, these candy bins allow for more variety in your store. Our bulk candy containers are constructed of durable acrylic materials and designed with no scoop holder. All the retail fixtures have a 6 1/2-inch width and a 7-inch height, but the depth is different for each one. The very top bin holds approximately five pounds of candy and has a ten-inch depth. The middle clear container holds up to seven pounds of candy and has a twelve-inch depth while the bottom bin holds up to nine pounds and has a 14-inch depth. Your candies are going to look even more alluring in these acrylic containers. Just imagine the smiles as customers purchase your products and they will come back for more. Attractive and durable, making them safe for little hands, these are the ideal stackable bins for your business. Order your stackable bins today.

  • Set Of 3 Stackable Bins
  • Overall Dimensions:
    • Top bin: 6 ½" W x 10" D x 7" H, holds approximately 5 pounds of candy
    • Middle bin: 6 1/2" W x 12" D x 7" H, holds approximately 7 pounds of candy
    • Bottom bin 6 ½" W x 14" D x 7"H, holds approximately 9 pounds of candy
  • Rubber feet to prevent slipping, custom sizes available
  • Custom Sizes Are Available
  • Ideal For Saving Shelf Space
  • Display Up To 3 Products At Once
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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