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2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar w/Red Metal Lid

2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar w/Red Metal Lid

Part Number:91205-94595 Price: $25.84
  • Great Choice For Events
  • Red Metal Lid Included
  • Unique And Stylish
The 2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar with Red Lid is stylish and versatile. Glass canisters are a great choice for special events, birthday parties, or other occasions. Add these stunning jars to your candy buffet and create a lasting impression on your family and friends. This large container can hold a large quantity and variety of merchandise. These unique glass jars are great for displaying items like candies, mints, and other snack foods. Ordering is easy. Simply click Add to Cart and these beautiful glass jars can be yours!


  • Height 11 ¼
  • Diameter 8 3/4
  • Size - 2 Gallons
  • Durable barrel jar
  • Weight 8 Pounds
  • Easy to clean space saver
  • Functional and easy to use
  • Provided with a Red Metal Lid

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