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2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar w/Black Metal Lid

2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar w/Black Metal Lid

Part Number:91205-98531 Price: $25.74
For Large Quantities - Please Call 1-866-242-7585
  • Stylish & Eye-Catching
  • Adds A Sense Of Charm
  • Create Memorable Displays

The 2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar with Black Lid stands out. Not only is it large and in charge, it s stylish, and that catches the eye of all who come near. When you show your products in a glass jar it adds a sense of charm that can t be beat. Fill this round container with candy, nuts, snacks, and other products for a display that customers will remember. This clear glass jar makes it easy for patrons to peer inside for their favorite edibles. Order your 2 gallon glass jar today.

  • Weight 8 Pounds
  • Height 11 ¼
  • Diameter 8 3/4
  • The black lids are contemporary and appealing and keep products fresh
  • These handsome glass containers look fantastic when grouped together

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