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2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar w/Aluminum Lid

2 Gallon Montana Glass Jar w/Aluminum Lid

Part Number:91205-91523 Price: $26.91
  • Functional And Easy To Use
  • Easy To Clean
  • Space Saver

This 2 Gallon Montana Jar with Aluminum Lid has an airtight seal that protects your merchandise. The round container can be grouped together with others to make attractive arrangements. Showcase both your wrapped and unwrapped items in this stylish glass jar. This beautiful container fits on a shelf or countertop for the perfect display. Impress your customers with your creativity. Fill each jar with colored candies that mix or match for a spin on your traditional display. When you keep your display ideas fresh, you keep patrons curious. Curiosity means more visits. More visits mean more purchases! Order your jars today.


  • Height - 11 1/4"
  • Diameter - 8 3/4"


  • Size 2 Gallons Glass Jar 
  • Durable Barrel Jar
  • Weight - 8 Pounds
  • Brushed Aluminum Lid
  • Hand Wash Recommended

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