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10 Partition Box - 24ct

Part Number:93301-60610-24 Price: $99.07
This 10 Partition Box offers you a great storage container with space to store and organize smaller items such as your everyday office materials, fishing lures and hooks, various type of cosmetic samples, candy, and other materials such as crafting supplies. Ten equal sized squares make it a breeze to divide and store an assortment of items like colorful beads for making your own unique bracelets and such. Made from high-quality plastic materials and with a lid that closes, you can place the box on shelves, in your desk or carry in a bag for easy usage and you don't need to worry about losing any important pieces.  Sell this empty wholesale plastic divided box so customers can create their own gift boxes, favors or design their own organization for work or home. An additional plus is that you can make your own pre-filled creations to sell. Great profits for you and easy for your patrons to grab and go. Order your wholesale plastic divided storage containers today.

Due to Coronovirus, shipping may be delayed with this product for up to 3 weeks
  • Keep Small Items Neatly Organized
  • Partition Box For Arts & Craft Materials
  • 24 Count Boxes
  • Overall Dimensions: 7" x 3½" x 1-1/5"
  • Constructed Of High-Quality Plastic Materials
  • 10 Section Partition Box
  • Organize With Ease
  • Perfect Container For Items Like Decorative Beads

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