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1 oz Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoop

1 oz Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoop

Part Number:91205-574250 Price: $4.09
  • Perfect For Business & Home Usage
  • Serve Candies, Toppings, & More
  • Use With Wet Or Dry Items
If you are on the search for the ideal scoop for your store s candy display or your event s candy buffet, the search stops here! The 1 Ounce Flat Bottom Aluminum Scoop is the perfect size for both business and home usage. Serve up yogurt toppings, candies, sugar, and other small food items with this cast aluminum scoop. Are you looking for a smaller sized ice scoop? This flat bottom scoop works superbly for smaller beverage situations. Order your scoops today!

  • Dimensions: 4 1/4"
  • 1 oz. Capacity
  • Flat Bottom
  • Cast Aluminum Scoop
  • Use For Scooping Wet Or Dry Ingredients

On your candy buffet, provide guests with lavish supply and choices of sweets. This will keep them entertained in-between parts of your event program or become the wedding favor as they pack their measures before going home. But unwrapped bulk candy cannot be served without the right candy scoop. So, before you do the buying, remember the following:

DO s

1.  Research. Nothing beats purchasing stuff with initial knowledge. You should know the kinds of candy scoops available and where you can get them. Weigh if resources are better bought online or direct from a store. Favorably, get the buzz in town there might be openings of garage sales or surplus trades on the weekend sure, you ll find these lovelies up for grabs there.

2.  Identify the scoop you need. While your bulk candies are housed in very beautiful and delicate jars and bowls of your delight, provide them with candy scoops. Weddings by far need the elegant kind. For kiddie parties and on your store, plastic candy scoops are a wiser choice since kids have less finer motor skills. Handling the candies might be a tough challenge for them you don t want your metal scoops to unnecessarily have dents. Also check your candy containers. If they are too deep, then you need those that have long handles. For home use, you can have wooden scoops for your rice, cereals or pet foods.

3.  Define the scoop that is [you]. For personal use scoops, get those that define you. Novelty scoops are available. Find those with intricate designs, reflecting your elegance on your wedding s candy buffet table. Never mind what people say, you are free to choose the kind that speaks of you.


1. Be boxed on one. Candy scoops come in different shapes and sizes. From aluminum, chrome, stainless steel, plastic to a wooden make, they are ready to serve you well. Don t focus on one make or size you might need the other types depending on their function as handlers or decoration. Candy store owners might need a certain kind or set of scoops on different corners while candy buffet caterers will need classic ones depending on a event s theme.

2. Second guess. You can t let guests pick candy by hand. No, candy shoppers can t get candy from a jar and return them if they change their mind. You need candy scoops. Sanitation is important. Candy, despite their delicious taste, is never appealing when unclean.

3.  Take for granted. Candy scoops are not just for digging mouth-watering treats. They are versatile enough they can become wedding favors. Put them in a box and tie an organza ribbon and tag. You can also put Jordan Almonds on the scoop itself and wrap it with a tulle cloth that match the wedding s color swatch. You can also create entourage bouquets with candy scoops as handle. Hide a floral foam and plant flowers, leaves and even lollipops! Voila! A candy-flower bouquet!

Enjoy your new candy scoops and be ready for a dig of sweetness to different levels!

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