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1 Peck Natural Basket - 12ct
Pictured In Natural / Unfinished

1 Peck Natural Basket - 12ct

Part Number:93003-430 Price: $97.31
1 Peck Natural Baskets make such great displays for your retail facilities, grocery stores, arts & craft fairs and candy shops. Easily placed on the floor or on shelves and counters you can find a vast array of items to exhibit in the wooden baskets. Each wooden container is constructed of solid wood materials and measure 10.5-inches deep with a height of 7.5-inches. The one-peck size of these natural baskets is equivalent to approximately 1/4 bushel or 2 gallons of dry materials. Load up to the top with wrapped bulk candy choices, sweets in bigger packaging also would look amazing offset in these peck baskets. Showcase materials in these baskets you want to sell quickly, add such items as novelty items, wrapped candy, toys, blankets and games or fresh picked fruits and veggies. Order your wholesale storage containers today. 

Rustic - Unfinished and rough to the touch - NOT sanded or painted

**Also available in ½ Peck sizes to add a fun variety to your set up**

  • 12 Count Baskets
  • Overall Size: 10.5" D x 7.5" H
  • 1 Peck Is Equal To 2 Dry Gallons and Also 1/4 Bushel
  • Constructed Of Solid Wood Materials
  • Fantastic Wooden Basket Display 

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