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1 Gallon Large Acrylic Candy Jars - 12ct

Part Number:91802-2544-3 Price: $284.54
The 1 Gallon Large Acrylic Candy Jars are a wonderful way to display a wide variety of product. When used as part of your candy display, customers will take notice and view your product without opening the lid. Fill each acrylic container with such items as colorful candies, fresh baked cookies or brownies and entice your customer into trying all of your sweet treasures. These jars include an easy to grasp, rounded knob lid that helps keep your product fresh and adds eye appeal to your merchandise. Place these 128-ounce size containers at your register to display impulse items that customers love and cannot resist such as your prize winning homemade fudge. Listen to your register sing as it rings up those candy purchases and impulse sales. Let your creativity flow and design your own unique showcase. These candy jars can be used at home to hold your families favorite treats or use around your home for decorative storage. Or use diffent sizes on a candy buffet and impress your guests. Order your sturdy and dependable, large candy jars todayat All Candy Containers.

  • 12 Count Candy Jars
  • Overall Dimensions: 7" x 7" x 10 1/2"
  • 1 Gallon Capacity = 128 Ounces
  • Crystal Clear Acrylic Jar With Removable, Rounded Knob Lid
  • Use For Candy Buffets, Holding Cotton Balls In Your Bathroom and More
  • Increase Impulse Sales At Checkout
  • Download these instructions for future use:

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