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Submersible LED Floral Lights - Color Choice - 10ct

Submersible LED Floral Lights - Color Choice - 10ct

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Part Number:92200-ALSMX1F
Remote Control?
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Two Replacement Batteries?
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  • Use in small ponds
  • Highlight indoor waterfalls
  • Great accent lighting for an ice sculpture
Submersible LED Floral Lights Sumix IF are excellent for using in floral vase arrangements. These submersible lights are available in a variety of colors which makes it easier to match up with your decor or your floral display. Choose to have your light display to flicker, run steady, or flash. So many options, so little time buy yours now.

  • Alcolyte's floralytes submersible sumix IF LED floral lights
  • These are battery-operated
  • Perfect for brightening centerpieces and other displays
  • They can be placed directly in water to illuminate vases, small tanks, ponds, etc.
  • Provides base lighting to floating candles and flowers
  • One LED light runs for 12 hours on 2 CR2032 batteries
    • Batteries are included & replaceable
  • Option for three different modes of display
  • Steady, flickering and flashing
  • Compatible with the AcoLyte remote control - Not Included
  • Pack of 10 Sumix IF submersible LED lights 
  • On/off switch
  • Submersible
  • 1.125" Diameter x 1.25" High
  • Available in various colors
    • Amber, Orange, Purple, Teal, Pink, White, Blue, Red and Green

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