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Weddings, birthday parties and so many other occasions call for party favors to send home with your guests. Favor containers come available in many shapes and sizes from plastic tubes to mini bins. Everything from candy to toys to beauty items and so much more can be placed inside a party container. Add a personal touch to your gift favors by creating your own labels to place on the lid and or sides. Guests will receive two gifts in one with these party favor containers, the great gifts contained inside as well as a great multi-purpose container to use when they are done. How can you go wrong?

Candy buffets will also add a splash of color to your special occasion.When you fill  shaped candy jars, mini bins and other candy containers with an array of colorful candies you will get  that wow factor your looking for. Add in paint cans or even a treasure chest for a more personal touch. So choose your container and get on with the party.

Wedding favor containers allow you to decorate and add personalized touches to your big day. Mini candy jars wholesale are not only adorable and pretty but they also can be filled with multiple colored candies or all sizes and flavors to send home with your guests. Containers for parties can aid you in planning the fun and memorable times in your life such as birthdays, anniversaries, reunions or just a great time with family and friends. All candy containers will add those special touches you are looking for so make sure to choose the perfect items for your day!

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Clear Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Clear Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Clear Apple Candy Container - 72ct
Clear Gift Box - 12ct
Clear Gift Box - 48ct
Clear Gift Box - 72ct
Clear Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
10.5 oz Medium Clear Box - 24ct
10.5 oz Medium Clear Box - 12ct
Boat Candy Box - 72ct
Piggy Bank Candy Box - 48ct
Star Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Star Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Star Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Heart Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Heart Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Heart Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Diamond Shaped Candy Box - 72ct
Diamond Shaped Candy Box - 48ct
Diamond Shaped Candy Box - 24ct
Bear Candy Box - 72ct
Bear Candy Box - 48ct
Boat Candy Box - 24ct
Piggy Bank Candy Box - 72ct
Boat Candy Box - 48ct
Car Candy Box - 48ct
Airplane Candy Box - 24ct
Airplane Candy Box - 48ct
Bear Candy Box - 24ct
Car Candy Box - 24ct
Piggy Bank Candy Box - 24ct
Car Candy Box - 72ct
Train Candy Box - 24ct
Train Candy Box - 48ct
Train Candy Box - 72ct
Rocking Horse Candy Box - 24ct
Rocking Horse Candy Box - 48ct
Oblong 3pc Wood Box Set - 6 Sets
Drawer Wood Boxes - 6ct
Top Hinged Wood Gift Box - 12ct
Windowed Round Tin  - 8oz  - 24ct
Medium Square Cans - 4oz - 24ct
Large Square Cans - 8oz - 24ct
Square Seamless Cans - 4oz - 24ct
Square Seamless Cans - 8oz - 24ct
5.5oz Mini Candy Bin - 24ct
5.5oz Mini Candy Container - 48ct
5.5oz Mini Candy Bin - 144ct
13.5 oz Mini Candy Bin - 12ct
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