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Ice Buckets - Wine Buckets - Country Style Tubs
Event and Wedding Ice Buckets

Ice Buckets filled with champagne, wine, or sparkling cider add that extra excitement to your special event. These wine buckets allow you to keep drinks cold while placed elegantly around the room. Guests can serve themselves easily and keep the energy of your occasion alive for hours.

These serve as a fun way to show off bottles of bubbly. Place one on each table at a special event for a centerpiece that is sure to gain the attention of all. Acrylic ice buckets are durable and can be used over and over. We have Wine gondolas in vibrant red to add some color, classic black, or neutral clear to blend in with any theme.

  • Acrylic Wine Buckets
  • Gondola Wine Buckets - Red, Clear & Black
  • Square Metal Tubs
  • Round Metal Tubs
  • Oval Metal Tubs

Whether you are serving drinks at an elegant wedding reception or a backyard barbecue, acrylic tubs are the perfect way to keep beverages chilled. Pop the cork in style at your next event with these ice/wine buckets. A variety of shapes and sizes will keep your beverages chilled and your guests celebrating.

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Large Dark Maple Wood Ice Tub
Clear Acrylic Ice Bucket - 6ct
Black Wine Gondola Bucket - 4ct
Clear Wine Gondola Bucket - 4ct
Red Wine Gondola Bucket - 4ct
Steel Bushel Tub - 2ct
Round Steel Tub - 11 Gallon
Round Galvanized Tub - 15 Gallon
Oval Galvanized Tub - 10.5 Gallon
Oval Galvanized Tub - 16 Gallon
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Large Square Tub