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Clear acrylic jars are today's way to keep your store displays exciting, kid-friendly, and safe. These acrylic containers, also known as candy bins, are made to last a lifetime with their strong and sturdy acrylic material. The ultra clear material of acrylic candy jars allows customers to see your brightly colored candy display from across an open room. Line the shelves with several acrylic penny candy jars to recreate the appeal of an old time candy mom and pop shop. If you are looking to add a little style to your bulk candy displays then look no further. Bulk candies in these acrylic candy containers are the way to really add color and finesse into your retail location. Candy is fun and festive on its own but when showcased in old fashioned candy jars you will increase the appearance. People of all ages, races, nationalities love candy, so rise above your competition and incorporate a more modern appeal into your retail display containers today.
  • Penny Candy Jars
  • Angled Food Tubes w/ Lids
  • Assorted Straight Flat Lid Acrylic Containers
  • Various Sized Acrylic Jars
  • Shaped Candy Jars
  • Small Jar w/ Wooden Scoop
Whether you are looking for acrylic containers for business or home, these acrylic bins are useful for either. Elegantly display accessories at your spa, nail salons, or even at trade shows for food samples with the acrylic containers containing lids. If you are hosting a special event, create your own dessert topping bar including penny candy jars wholesale. These are only a few ideas of so many more that these candy bins can be used for. As a retailer, it would be wise to include these acrylic candy containers in your daily inventory to provide a nice backdrop for your colorful candy and sweet goodies. As a customer, if you are wanting to spruce up your home, office, or classroom, penny candy jars are definitely a wise investment because you have the beauty of glass in a non-breakable, light-weight container. Add your own stylish touches. Order yours today!